PMP 180

1. You have recently taken over a troubled automobile project which has gone out of control. The project team missed many deadlines and stakeholders were not happy with the project progress. As an experienced project manager, your first priority is to bring the schedule into alignment with the project plan. You would like to use what-if scenario analysis to see how various factors affected the project schedule so that you can develop a plan to reduce the impact of adverse conditions on the project schedule in future. What would be your next course of action once you determine the factors that created schedule overrun?

2. A project was estimated to cost \$200,000 with a timeline of 10 months. Due to a shipment delay, the schedule was slightly delayed. This was however made up by receiving the first batch of materials for the project by air. The net result was that there was some additional cost in the project. At the end of the second month, the Project Manager reviews the project and finds that the project is 20% complete and Actual Costs are \$ 50,000. The Estimate to complete (ETC) for the project would now be:

3. While managing a project, you decide to contract to an external enterprise. You enter into a contract where you pay the external enterprise a set amount (as defined by the contract), irrespective of the seller's costs. What would best describe this type of contract?

4. Which of the following inaccurately describes a prototype?

5. Steve is the project manager of a global project. He finds that of late, there has been a deterioration in the quality of communication between various team members across the globe. What would you term this?

6. In a project, Activity A has a duration of 4 days and begins on the morning of Monday the 4th. The successor Acti vity, B, has a Finish-to-Start (FS) relationship with A. The Finish-to-Start relationship has 2 days of lag, and Activity B has a duration of 3 days. If Saturday and Sunday are non working days, which of the following statements is true?

7. What is the BEST way to make an accurate forecasting of ETC?

8. When writing the roles and responsibilities for team members, you should document the role, authority, responsibility and competency for each team member. Where must this information be documented?

9. A project's financial management reserve is identified in which process: must this information be documented?

10. Which of these is not a component of the scope baseline that is contained in the project management plan?

11. John has been assigned to design a new car model for a well-known car manufacturer. The project has a small number of key stakeholders and John is planning to meet all of them in person in order to understand their requirements and expectations. Which of the following is not a project key stakeholder?

12. The Manage Communications process requires which of the following inputs to determine which project management information system is available to manage project communications?

13. You are about to contract out a project to a service provider. However, at the time of awarding the contract, you are not sure of the total effort involved. Since the scope of work cannot be accurately estimated, you want to agree the per unit rates for difference services. Which of the following would best suit your purpose?

14. The Identify Stakeholders process has four inputs. Three of them are project charter, enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets. What is the fourth one?

15. As an experienced PMP, you have found that running a WBS meeting is tricky because you need to find a balance between decomposition and excessive decomposition. When items are excessively decomposed it leads all of the following, EXCEPT:

16. You are the sponsor of a project that is designed to record phone calls for quality control purposes. You are in the process of writing the charter, what is NOT an input into this document?

17. John, a project manager, for Code Crashers Inc. has been assigned a project where he must lead a group of inexperienced programmers in developing a software package that creates Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for a chemical company. This is very similar to a project that his colleague, Peter, worked on in 2006, with some junior programmers. If John needs to come up with a rough order of magnitude estimate, what tool or technique should he use?

18. Jonathan is managing a computer network deployment project at a university campus. Jonathan wants to involve the key project stakeholders in the scheduling of the major work packages. He sends out a meeting invitation to all key stakeholders for this brainstorming session. Which of the following types of communication methods has Jonathan selected for the brainstorming?

19. As the Project Manager on the construction of a new hotel you have developed a project management plan that you believe is realistic and will be formally approved. The organizational assets that influenced the development of the plan may include all of the following except:

20. As part of your staffing management plan, you have developed a chart indicating the # of hours (Y axis) a senior programmer will be working over the months (X axis) of the project. This is an example of what?

21. Which of the following is a control tool that helps the project management team quantify and categorize defects according to sources?

22. While performing an audit on a project run by another project manager, a certified PMP, you find that project processes have not been followed, and that company procurement policies have been repeatedly violated. What do you do?

23. You have successfully passed your PMP exam and are leading a project to replace the storage devices in a data center. In the following week, you and your team of experts will be meeting with a storage device vendor to discuss the status of their deliverables that are due at week's end. What management process do these activities reflect?

24. Alan is the project manager of a project with 6 stakeholders. If the number of stakeholders goes up to 8, how many additional channels does he have to manage?

25. Your company will receive a large bonus payment for completing a customer's project by a certain date. However, as the project manager, you know the project will complete approximately 2 weeks after that date as it is currently scheduled. Your manager is insisting that you to do whatever it takes to finish the project by that date, even if it means "cutting corners here and there." What do you do?

26. An organization wishes to ensure that the opportunity arising from a risk with positive impact is realized. This organization should :

27. Your Vice President has asked you what the Estimate at Completion is going to be for a small project you are working on. You were given a budget of \$30,000, and to date you have spent \$20,000 but only completed \$10,000 worth of work. You are sure that the future work will be accomplished at the planned rate.

28. You have just sat through an exhausting change control meeting discussing a change in scope to the project you have been working on for the last 7 months. After lengthy discussion the change in scope was approved. As the Project Manager you should now update all of the following documentation, EXCEPT:

29. A project team is required to prepare a monthly project update report for the project key stakeholders. This report must contain the current status of the deliverables, information related to the recently approved change requests, project's health and the forecasted estimates. This report is an example of?

30. Which of these statements is accurate regarding quality management?

31. The Risk Register contains details of all identified risks and current status. It is a document containing the results of:

32. You are analyzing the risk in a project and decide to do sensitivity analysis to determine which risks have the most potential impact on the project. You look at a tool to help compare the relative importance of variables that have a high degree of uncertainty to those that are more stable. One such tool is:

33. A new CEO has come into your company and has promptly shut down your project because it no longer met the business needs of the company. While not pleased with the decision, you document the level and completeness of the project to date. What activity or process is this part of?

34. When a project is performed under contract, the contractual provisions will generally be considered as _____________ for the project.

35. A project is contracted as a Time & Material (T&M) type of contract. The service provider initially estimates that the total effort involved would be about 1000 hours of effort. The project is contracted at a rate of US\$ 75 per hour of effort. If the project ended up with 1200 hours of effort, what would the contract payout be.

36. A project is contracted as a Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee (CPIF) type of contract. The project is negotiated such that if the final costs are less than expected costs, the sharing formula for cost savings is 75:25. The targeted cost is US\$ 100,000 with an 8% incentive fee on the targeted cost. If the project comes in at US\$ 80,000, what would be the cost of the total contract?

37. Organizations strongly influence the project framework. The PMBOK Guide recognizes which of the following types of organizations?

38. Which of the following is not accurate about the initial phase of a project?

39. As part of the Define Scope process, a project manager documented the specific project assumptions associated with the project scope in the project scope statement. While reviewing this document, an experienced project manager pointed out that the project manager should also document:

40. Nancy has recently taken over a website development project. The project is already in execution and half of the project work has been completed. Nancy finds out that the stakeholder register does not contain any information about key stakeholders from the buyer of the product. What is the potential root cause of this issue?

41. One of the configuration management activities in the project involved capturing, storing and reporting configuration information needed to manage products and product information. This is known as:

42. Rosemary is the project manager at a pharmaceutical company. She begins her day by analyzing her team's work requirements. She then assigns daily tasks to her team members over a centralized project management information system that then generates automatic task assignment notifications for the team members. Which of the following types of communication methods has been selected by Rosemary?

43. You have just returned from the weekly change control board meeting where you presented the requested changes to the employee move project. You had five change requests approved, however one rejected request. These are outputs of what process?

44. There are two activities on your schedule, which are: 1) Install server in lab 2) Move server into the data center. However, the second task can't start until the server has run in the lab for 5 days without failure. This is an example of what?

45. You just found out that a major subcontractor for your project consistently provides deliverables late. The subcontractor approaches you and asks you to continue accepting late deliverables in exchange for a decrease in project costs. This offer is an example of:

46. You have just been assigned a project with an unrealistic deadline. What do you do?

47. You are working with your team and are looking at the cost risks in the project. You are your team are currently creating a tornado diagram for the project risks. This is done as a part of which of the following processes?

48. Body language plays an important role in effective communications. This relates to which of the following communications dimensions?

49. A technique that calculates multiple project durations with different sets of activity assumptions and variables is called:

50. A project team is currently assessing the project stakeholder management plan for its validity. The project documents are essential inputs to this process. Which of the following project documents must be used by the project team during this process?

51. A process that states how formal validation and acceptance of the completed project deliverables will be obtained is documented in the:

52. Which of the following Perform Quality Assurance techniques relates to root cause analysis and is used to identify a problem, discover the underlying causes, and develop preventive actions?

53. The process of auditing the quality requirements and the results from quality control measurements to ensure appropriate quality standards and operational definitions are used is the definition of:

54. Several of your resources report to another manager. You need them to participate in a series of project meetings over the next two weeks. How should you handle this?

55. Two of your team members played the Mega Millions lottery and won! As much as they like working on your team, they have decided to retire. What plan should be updated?

56. You are running one week behind on a project due to the late delivery by a vendor. You are forced to compress your project schedule due to a government mandated end date that constrains your project. After meeting with your team, the decision is to work several tasks in parallel that were scheduled to be run consecutively. This is an example of?

57. When developing your project schedule, you have asked everyone to provide a list of planned vacations over the next 3 months and you have applied this into the tasks that each person is responsible for. This is an example of what tool?

58. To control the schedule, a project manager is re-analyzing the project to predict project duration. This is done by analyzing the sequence of activities with the least amount of flexibility. What technique is being used?

59. A change request has just been formally documented and approved by the Change Control Board. The project manager now needs to communicate this to a project team member. Which of the following activities must the project manager necessarily do?

60. A manager asked to see a list of milestones in the project. This would be available as an output from the:

61. Which of the following is the correct statement regarding the Identify Stakeholders process?

62. There are a number of risks that have been identified in your project. The team has elected not to change the project plan to deal with the risk, but they have established a contingency reserve of money in the event some of these risks are triggered. This is an example of what type of risk mitigation technique?

63. Large variations in the periodic expenditure of funds are undesirable for organizational operations. Therefore the expenditure of funds is frequently reconciled with the disbursement of funds for the project. According to the PMBOK, this is known as:

64. The Earned Value Management methodology can be used as a means to:

65. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) dictionary supports the WBS and is a companion document to the WBS. Which of the following is not included in the WBS dictionary?

66. The State of New York has contracted your company to provide a claims payment system for Medicaid benefits. In the contract there is a clause that indicates that the State of New York can review your work processes and deliverables. This is an example of?

67. The termination clause and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism for each procurement in a project is documented in:

68. As a project manager, you are concerned with both Prevention and Inspection of errors in a work product. The difference between Prevention and Inspection is:

69. You have a schedule activity that can be delayed without delaying the early start date of any subsequent activities. This is an example of?

70. As the project manager of a project, you have needed to estimate certain activity durations before all project team members were acquired. On acquisition of the project team, you find that the actual competency levels of the acquired team members are much lower than what you had anticipated. In such a case, you will:

71. On a control chart, if six consecutive plot points are above the mean, then what can be established about the process?

72. A point in time that a project or project phase is authorized to its completion is called:

73. Throughout various project meetings you have documented differences in opinion, situations to be investigated and emerging or unanticipated responsibilities. These are all inputs to what document?

74. Juliana is managing a complex multimillion dollar project. The number of the project stakeholders is high and most of the project stakeholders are heavily interested in the project. Providing daily project updates to the project stakeholders is becoming difficult for Juliana because of the effort required to prepare and distribute this information. In this situation, which of the following can help Juliana prepare and distribute the project information?

75. You are working on an upgrade to a call distribution system for a call center, however you are finding it extremely difficult to get the proper resources assigned and tasks completed because the Call Center Manager is in control of the budget. You have just realized that you work in what type of an organization?

76. You have been asked to fill in for another project manager while he is on vacation. During the next project status meeting, you ask for a risk report. The project team says they have never reported on that before, and are unsure if there is a master project risk log. What do you do?

77. Megawatt is estimating the overall expected cost of a new ERP system deployment project using the actual costs of an earlier similar ERP system deployment project as the basis for the cost. This is what type of estimating?

78. Your company is way behind schedule in the deployment of a government mandated change to a health care processing system that must be in production by the end of the year. You and your team have met and decided to hire an additional 50 programmers to work with the existing staff on the activities in order to meet the due date. This is an example of what?

79. The key difference between Validate Scope and Control Quality is:

80. The Make-or-Buy analysis is a technique that is used as part of the Plan Procurement Management process. It is used to determine whether a particular product or service can be produced by the project team or should it be purchased. The analysis to arrive at a decision should include:

81. Bottom-up Cost estimating is typically motivated by the size and complexity of:

82. The Quality Policy is the intended direction of a performing organization with regard to quality. As a project manager in a performing organization, you find that the organization lacks a formal quality policy. What should be done in such a case?

83.For your weekly project status review meetings, you set some time aside on the agenda to review the risk register and review the project risks. You ensure that the response plans are still appropriate and add or delete risks as necessary. This is an examp le of?

84. The cost estimates for a project are in the range of +/- 5 %. What phase is the project likely to be in?

85. You are setting up your project team and you are looking at a chart that shows that the programming will be performed by Systems Development, the infrastructure will be implemented by Infrastructure Systems, the customer communication will be handled by the Call Center. This is an example of what type of chart?

86. You have overheard two functional managers arguing about the impacts that your project will have on their departments. What is your best response?

87. A large construction project for a logistics company will require the expenditure of a large amount of capital. The finance group works with the project manager to project set limits when expenses will be incurred in a given project, and determine if there are ways to smooth out or level the spending to avoid a single large expenditure one quarter and none the next. This is an example of:

88. Calculation of late finish dates and late start dates for the uncompleted portion of the project is called____________.

89. Susan is currently developing her project's stakeholder register. She wants to identify the internal and external parties that are involved in the project. Which of the following documents can provide this information to Susan?

90. A decision tree is a Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis technique that is structured around using a Decision Tree Diagram. It describes a situation under consideration and the implications of each of the available choices and the possible scenarios. A Decision Tree Diagram shows how to make a decision between alternative capital strategies known as:

91. Michael is managing a multi-million dollar project. The project is in the planning phase and has a big number of key stakeholders. During an analysis, Michael finds out that there are big gaps between the current and desired engagement levels for most of the key stakeholders. What should Michael do next?

92. A project manager determines that there are 15 communication channels in the project. The number of stakeholders in the project must then be:

93. Sometimes the broader, more comprehensive summary activity is also referred to as:

94. The formula for Cost Variance is:

95. Select the best answer: Continuous process improvement reduces _____________ and ________, which allows processes to operate at increased levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

96. A detailed milestone list is created as an output of what process?

97. You have just learned that your project's sole equipment supplier has gone out of business. This is an unanticipated risk, and will cause a delay in the project until a new vendor can be selected and contracts put in place. What do you do?

98. Accounting for the limited resources in the project schedule is called:

99. You find out that a project team member has been stealing some material from the work place. You accidentally discover this and he says that he is very sorry about it, and will not repeat it again. You will:

100. As part of the Develop Team process, the project manager of a project has planned for some Team Building activities. Team Building Activities should take place throughout the project life cycle, but have greater benefit when conducted:

101. During a project status meeting, a new project manager has reported that there is a two week delay in acquiring a key resource for a task on the critical path in her project. She also states that she has built 3 weeks of float into the project schedule. What do you do?

102. A project is being done for an external customer. Which of the following is not an input to the Develop Project Charter process?

103. The term ________ indicates the degree to which a particular product or service meets requirements, while _____________ indicates a category or rank used to distinguish that item from other similar items.

104. Which of the following indicates the required cost performance in order to completed the project on budget?

105. Vendor selection and management and documentation of lessons learned are tasks that fall under this process area:

106. The Conduct Procurements process receives bids or proposals and applies criteria to select one or more sellers who are both qualified and acceptable as a seller. Which of the following techniques is not a valid technique for this process?

107. A Work Breakdown Structure is a hierarchical illustration of all the work to be done in a project. A WBS component does not represent:

108. Performance reporting is a tool and technique of which of the following processes?

109. The business case to justify a project typically contains:

110. Which of the following is not a Risk-Diagramming Technique?

111. The Cost of Quality principle includes:

112. The most recent analysis of Microcorp's new fabrication facility renovation shows a CPI value of less than 1.0 What does this indicate?

113. The degree to which the amount or volume of risk than an organization will withstand is:

114. Project performance measurements are used to assess the magnitude of variation from the original scope baseline. Once the degree of scope variation is known, what step is performed next?

115. You are a non-technical project manager. Two highly skilled and knowledgeable resources on your project are in conflict over the best technical solution to meet a project requirement. It is not impacting the project schedule, however. Who is initially responsible for the conflict resolution?

116. Which of the following endeavors is unlikely to be a project?

117. An issue log or action-item log is a tool that can be used to document and monitor the resolution of issues. At a minimum, the issue log should contain:

118. The Direct and Manage Project Work process has three tools and techniques. Two of them are Expert Judgment and Meetings. What is the third one?

119. Which of the following is considered an output from the Direct and Manage Project Work process?

120. Which type of risk analysis ranks risks for future action or analysis by evaluating their probability of occurrence and impact?

121. The development of requirements in the Collect Requirements process begins with an analysis of the information contained in the _________ and _________.

122. Your most recent quality control chart shows that all data points measured fall within the control range. However, there is a group of 8 consecutive data points sitting above the mean. What do you do?

123. Melissa is managing a hardware deployment project, and is creating a risk management plan. Which of the following would NOT be included in this plan?

124. A technique which enhances brainstorming with a voting process used to rank the most useful ideas so that they can be taken up for further brainstorming is:

125. Factors that influence conflict resolution methods include EXCEPT:

126. You are the project manager for a Fortune 100 IT company and you are currently engaged in an important project. You want to choose the best contractor for a specialized task. What should you do to evaluate potential contractors?

127. Your have recently finished an advanced project management training course that was paid for by your project budget. Because the budget for your project is not large enough to train any other resources on the project, your manager has asked you to make copies of the course materials and distribute them to the rest of the staff. What do you do?

128. A project manager is performing Reserve Analysis as a technique in one of the project management process that he is currently working on. Which of these is likely to be that process?

129. You are forming a virtual project team that includes members from four different countries around the world. What is NOT an obstacle that you must overcome to build an effective team?

130. Joe is attempting to calculate the average financial impact of some future uncertain scenarios. What method could he use?

131. You took over a project from an individual who was let go. You are reading the project documentation and found the project charter was signed by five managers. What should be your primary concern at this time?

132. Bill is the project manager of a software project that is originally estimated to complete in 12 months. 2 months into the project, it is discovered that the original estimating assumptions were fundamentally flawed. The Estimate at Completion (EAC) in such a project will be:

133. How would you calculate your EAC if the ETC work will be performed at the budgeted rate?

134. Skills such as empathy, influence, creativity, and group facilitation are valuable assets when managing the project team. These skills are often referred to as ______________.

135. The cost of running a project management office is an example of what type of cost?

136. A project risk manager distributes anonymous questionaires to project team members to help identify risks. This is called ___________.

137. Bill is managing a simple construction project. For this project, the stakeholder register exists, but the stakeholder management plan was not developed during the planning phase of the project. During the project execution, a big number of change requests came in and got approved. Bill now believes that a formal stakeholder management plan should be in place in order to guarantee the project's success. What must Bill do?

138. You have utilized 360-degree feedback techniques for your information gathering and are in the process of giving formal feedback to team members. You will be setting specific goals for employees for the remainder of the project. Which technique are you utilizing?

139. You are a project manager who is in charge of an important project for your company. The project includes producing widgets for your customer. Data has been collected to help identify the greatest causes of defects in the overall process. Which technique should you use to determine the correlation between two variables being analyzed?

140. Statistical sampling involves choosing part of a population for inspection. Appropriate sampling can often ___________the cost of quality control.

141. You are an inexperienced project manager who has been appointed to manage a project in a matrix organization. Because of this you can expect the communication in this project to be:

142. Predicting future performance based on historical events is called ___________.

143. A project manager is using a Risk Diagramming technique that is a graphical representation of situations showing causal influences, time ordering of events and other relationships among variables and outcomes. This would be:

144. A project comprises of a virtual team with team members located in different offices in the same city as well as across different cities. The project manager wishes to built trust and good working relationships. One of the best ways to do this is:

145. Which option is NOT representative of the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs of the Direct and Manage Project Work process?

146. You are the Project Manager for the production of an exotic car. You have completed the Define Scope process for your project. Which of the following may be generated through this process?

147. There are 10 stakeholders in Megamart's ERP deployment project. How many potential communications channels are there?

148. A project team is trying to solve a moderately complex problem. The have generated data using affinity diagrams. That data possess intertwined logical relationships. Which of the following tool can help the team analyze these intertwined relationships?

149. A team of engineers is reviewing the architecture diagram for a new ERP system being deployed at a large accounting firm. The engineers are discussing the impact of the failure of each node in the diagram on overall availability of the final product. The intent of the discussion is to minimize the likelihood of failure and the effects of any failure. What is this called?

150. Which of the following documents will help trace the requirements to product design?

151. A key output of Plan Human Resource Management is a list of project roles and responsibilities. What should this document include?

152. What is the best way to show, at a glance, all the work packages or project activities assigned to a specific organizational department?

153. As the project manager of a high-visibility project, you are in the process of Identifying risks. You are concerned that the data you collect might be biased. A technique that helps keep the bias out of the data and keeps any one person from having undue influence on the outcome is:

154. A project manager is giving a project update to the key stakeholders. During the meeting, he finds out that most of the stakeholders are busy checking and replying to their emails. Which of the following is the best action that could have eliminated this issue?

155. What type of method can be used to eliminate personal bias during the process of selecting a seller?

156. In a project that was yet to begin, many of the project team members were known in advance. This is called:

157. All of the following are components of an effective change control, EXCEPT:

158. What similarity exists between a cost-reimbursable contract and a time and material contract?

159. Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is a non-proprietary approach to Quality Management. This is an analytical procedure in which:

160. A team of engineers is reviewing a scatter diagram to determine how the changes in two variables in a new type of automobile tire are related. The closer points on the diagram are to a diagonal line, _______________.

161. You are a project manager who is in charge of an important project for your company. The project is 40% complete after 3 months and has cost $350,000. The budget for the project is \$950,000 and is scheduled to last 8 months. How is the project performing?

162. How will an organization with a weak matrix organization structure affect the Plan Human Resource Management process?

163. Lori is managing a project in a Functional organization. In this organization, she can expect to find that:

164. A project is contracted as a Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee (CPFF) type of contract. The targeted cost is US\$ 200,000 with a fee of US\$ 30,000. If the project comes in at US\$ 170,000, what would be the cost of the total contract?

165. A project is contracted as a Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee (CPIF) type of contract. The project is negotiated such that if the final costs are less than expected costs, the sharing formula for cost savings is 80:20. The targeted cost is US\$ 500,000 with a 10% fee. If the project comes in at US\$ 450,000, what would be the cost of the total contract?

166. Creating a sense of community is a benefit of what type of strategy?

167. During the execution of a project, a need is felt to make major changes to the project stakeholder management plan. What must the project manager do first?

168. Which of the following statements about team-building activities is incorrect?

169. Which of the following is not a Tuckman's team development stage?

170. Stacy is producing a documentary on African wildlife. Although the project key stakeholders are very supportive of the project, Stacy believes that there are some stakeholders' concerns that might become major problems in the future. What should Stacy do?

171. The project sponsor asks you to increase budget estimates by 25% to ensure that enough funds are budgeted for the project. What should you do?

172. Which of the following should be done FIRST during the Project Life Cycle?

173. You are the Project Manager for Wicked Fast Cars, Corp. You are working on a project for the Human Resources department that is scheduled to take one year. After three months into the project, you calculate the EV at \$35,000 and the PV at \$45,000. Which option below represents the value for the SV?

174. You are a Project Manager for Groceries R' US, a supermarket chain, and are currently working on a project to build a new outlet. The planned values (PV) for the foundation and the frame are \$150,000 and \$500,000. After five months, you do a performance measurement analysis. You are currently not ahead of schedule. The actual costs for the foundation and frame were \$175,000 and \$650,000 up to this point where 100% of the foundation is complete and only 80% of the frame is complete. Which value represents the cost performance index (CPI) to two decimal places at this point in the project?

175. Which technique is NOT commonly used to align the timing of activities with available resources?

176. You have been offered a position managing a project that will last 12 months. However, you know that in 6 months you will be relocating to another state for family reasons. What should you do?

177. You have completed your estimates for your project and determined that it will take 10 months to complete. However, your project sponsor insists that it be completed in 9 months. How do you handle this?

178. Which of the following models describes stakeholders based on their power, urgency and legitimacy?

179. Your project team members have just started to work together and are now adjusting their work habits and behaviors to support each other. Which stage of the Tuckman ladder has your team just entered?

180. A project manager had scheduled a number of training programs for his team. However, he was aware that apart from planned training, unplanned training also took place in a number of ways. Which of these is not one of the ways in which unplanned training can happen?