1. Tom is a Servant leader of a complex software development project that is running using Agile development approach. Two developers are having difference in opinion about the technical approach of a user story. What needs to be done in this situation?

2. The project team is using Iteration burn-down chart to predict the remaining work in the current iteration backlog. Iteration Burn-down chart is an example of which of the following tools and techniques?

3. A newly formed development team is started writing user stories after an understanding of the features and functions. The few examples of user stories are as follows: Users can make reservations so that they can travel, Show room sizes so that they can see if it fits their need . Which one of the following problem would you like to fix in these user stories?

4. A Release burndown chart is showing burn up, what could be the possible reason?

5. Which of the following is not an example of the four values of the Agile Manifesto?

6. Tom is the newly appointed Project Manager of a software development project which has high degree of uncertainties and scope is not yet fully defined. Considering all the factors, he decides to adopt Agile development approach for running the project. Now, he has to come up with an initial cost estimate before the project work begins. What can be the best approach for the preparation of initial cost estimate as per the stated scenario?

7. Todd is a project manager of a very large software product development project that needs to be executed from five different cities. Senior management has decided to run the project using an agile approach by following the philosophies of the scrum as much as possible. What framework is most suited as per the given situation?

8. At a walkthrough, a stakeholder, end user, and the development team identify significant new functionality required for the proposed solution to be effective. What is the next step?

9. Stakeholders want to understand what progress an agile team has made in their last iteration. What should stakeholders review to determine this information?

10. As an Agile Coach, what is the BEST way for you to handle a complex situation during a delivery?

11. Which of the following represents the purpose of Sprint review Meeting BEST?

12. Members of the team post updates to a graph that shows the progression of features to being ‘Done.’ Examples of the stages of progress include Backlog, Design, Development, Testing and Done. What is the name of this graph?

13. How does release plan help?

14. How does release plan help?

15. During an iteration planning meeting, the team is estimating the size of the effort for each story by assigning each story to a shirt size of XS, S, M, L, XL or XXL. Which estimation method is being used?

16. The ongoing sprint for a software development project that is being executed by following Agile - Scrum development approach needs to be cancelled as the sprint goal has become obsolete due to a sudden change in law associated to IT security. Who will own the Product backlog ?

17. The Scrum Master explains the three primary roles in Scrum to the newly hired team member. Which role is sometimes called 'the voice of the customer’?

18. An agile practitioner is explaining the Agile Manifesto to some end users in advance of a new project. Which of the following would the agile practitioner say is preferred in an agile project?

19. In a typical business complex and mid-sized agile project, what does the team attempt to develop every Sprint?

20. The product owner of an agile project has the responsibility of grooming the product backlog. Grooming involves prioritizing and re-prioritizing user stories on a regular basis. As an agile best practice, which of the following criteria are most important for the owner to use when grooming the product backlog?

21. A scrum team that has been working on an agile project, is arguing over the story points in the sprint meeting planning. The product owner is pushing the team to complete 170 story points of user stories in the next sprint whereas the average velocity of the development team is 150 story points per sprint. Who will make the final decision to fix the number of story points to be completed in a sprint?

22. Which of the following is not a feature of an Agile team?

23. On the completion of the first three iterations, an agile team determined that 344 story points are required to complete the remaining project. The average team velocity in the first three iterations was 50 story points. What will be the number of iterations required for the team to complete the project?

24. A team member is constantly spending on items that are not in the sprint backlog. As a Scrum Master what should you do?

25. Florian is a stakeholder in STC company. He has recently learned that the team will use an agile framework in the current project. In a planning meeting, Florian tells the team members that they are not doing formal documentation in this project as they were doing in the previous projects. How will the team members reply to his statement?

26. The velocity of an 8-member Agile team over the past few sprints has been 36, 32, 40, 46, 38 and 48 story points. In the next 2-week Sprint, there are two public holidays planned. How many points must the team plan for?

27. One role of an agile practitioner is to promote the knowledge and execution of agile practices within an organization. Which of the following agile practitioners is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the product roadmap?

28. A team lead is currently demonstrating a potentially shippable product increment for project stakeholders. Which agile meeting is being conducted?

29. At the sprint retrospective meeting, the team lead drew a fishbone diagram, wrote a problem at the head of the fish, and labeled the bones of the fish with categories. What should the team do next?

30. Team has finished release planning meeting and agreed on condition of satisfaction, priority of backlog items, team velocity, etc. There are some large features that were not estimated, however team decided to split them closer to development. Few sprints have passed, but team has not been able to update release plan due to time constraints. During Sprint Planning, team decides to split one large feature into 4 smaller stories based on operational boundaries. Unfortunately, there is not enough capacity in the current iteration, so team can include only 2 of the 4 stories in this sprint. When team demonstrates the product increment during the sprint review meeting, the PO refuses to accept these two user stories that the team had marked as Done. What could have potentially gone wrong?

31. How does an agile team go about developing a schedule?

32. What role Product Owner plays in the sprint planning meeting?

33. In evaluating an agile project, which of the following metrics would you use to compare effectiveness of two agile team / projects?

34. An agile team finished coding for the current iteration. Which of the following is a continuous process improvement ceremony that the team will now attend?

35. While working on a hybrid project, an agile practitioner is responsible to perform the duties of both the project scrum master and provide project performance reports periodically to the senior management. The project sponsor suggests the agile practitioner that track the velocity of each team member individually instead of tracking the team velocity to monitor the progress of the project. What would the agile practitioner do as per agile best practices?

36. You are an Agile practitioner working on an agile project using the Scrum framework. The primary purpose of a Sprint Review is for the team to?

37. An agile team is working on a project for which the user stories have not been tested sufficiently. What could be the reason behind it?

38. You have been appointed as the Servant Leader for your company’s latest software development project running in agile framework. Which of the following defines your role?

39. Based on the velocity determined after completing several iterations, agile team members assume that they will be unable to meet the release deadline. What should the team do?

40. During a retrospective, the members of the agile team mention that the agile coach’s actions during the last iteration did not align with agile best practices. To which of the following did the team most likely refer?

41. Which statement is true about the Sprint Burndown chart?

42. Assuming same team capacity, how would doubling the work in progress (WIP) affect Cycle Time?

43. Team with Product Owner have started sprint planning meeting for Sprint #3. Release duration is 4 months with 5 sprints. PO presents sprint goals and team is seeking clarification for one of the user stories. PO provides required explanation however she also mentions that for her to approve the user story in demo she need to have these three functionalities done and demonstrated in right way. Team has some doubts and discusses further with PO. After the discussion PO agrees to need of only two features to be demonstrated by team for her to approve the story. What team is doing in this scenario?

44. During Sprint Review, customer wants some enhancements to a feature that was completed during the Sprint and was accepted by the Product Owner. How should the team deal with such changes?

45. The Scrum Master has been a technical architect in his previous role. During a Sprint Planning session, he notices team is opting for a solution approach that he feels has a high risk of failure. What should the Scrum Master do?

46. You are working as a product owner and part of the project that is assigned to you now is to get a piece of the project from a vendor. One of the vendors invites you for a special dinner to discuss this area of the project. What should be your reply to this invitation?

47. When is a user story (or feature) usually estimated by a Scrum team?

48. A development team continuously showing predictable velocity trends when estimating user stories of size 1, 2, or 3 points but does not have a good track record with stories sized at 5 points and above. What could be the reason behind this special bad track record?

49. A development team is closely working with the customer to design wireframes for each story. The every feature is going in development after the agreement of the client using these wireframes. Initial iterations went well, but in fifth iteration client simply rejected the work by saying this is not what I wanted to. What could be the reason behind the situation

50. What is the BEST way to estimate the cost of a project?

51. The team is struggling to reach a consensus on the estimate for a story that involves a new technology the team is not much familiar with. What should the team do?

52. Team who has recently started implementing KANBAN needs some advice from Agile coach on how to conduct daily standup meetings. If you are an Agile coach what would you recommend

53. A team member has been coming late to the Daily scrum despite repeated reminders from Scrum Master. How could the Scrum Master attempt to correct this behaviour?

54. A team usually follows a 3-month release cycle with several 2-week sprints, but the customer is too busy to attend Sprint-end product reviews. He insists on release-end demo only. Do you anticipate a problem here?

55. As an Agile Practitioner how could you ensure stakeholder vision and objectives are shared by the team?

56. While most developers design and code their stories, you have an experienced architect in the team who is primarily responsible for code review of other team members to ensure consistency and quality in design. But the practice of doing code review (and possible rework) after development is complete on a story is creating friction among team members, often resulting in low morale. As an Agile Practitioner, how you may address this issue:

57. The customer tells you in the middle of the release that one feature that is already in progress is no longer required. This feature is an epic and significant effort has already gone into the development. What should the team do next?

58. An established team of 8 members is known for higher performance and low defect rates. They usually pick 20-25 stories for execution during their 30-day sprint. As an Agile Practitioner, what do you think the team could try to step up their agility?

59. The velocity of a team went down because Product Owner did not provide requirement clarification to the team. What should the Scrum Master do?

60. When should you freeze acceptance criteria for a user story?

61. Which of the following would NOT an advantage of limiting your team’s work in progress?

62. We put risk mitigation stories in the backlog to:

63. A senior manager is forming a committee to decide on a company-wide methodology. You are asked to speak to this committee. What should you do?

64. Who is chartered with the authority to approve or deny change requests as defined by the organization?

65. Which of the following influences the use of Agile approaches?

66. What has become recently an acceptable type of communication that some agile teams use to improve awareness of a project?

67. Florain is project sponsor and he asks the project manager to review the business value that the project is expected to deliver and how that value is to be measured. What document is the project manager likely to share with Robert?

68. Your team members are estimating their tasks. What process are they engaged in?

69. You are a project coordinator and work in an organization that is considered to be a weak-matrix organizational type. What is a disadvantage of working in this type of organization?

70. A business sponsor is trying to do some negotiations with a potential contractor for the web application upgrade project. Both the contractor and sponsor have worked together in the past on the stable requirements project, and they have great trust in each other. The current contract includes the volatile requirements that subject to change on a weekly basis. Which of the following type of contract would be most appropriate for both the parties for this project?

71. As per XP methodology , When XP teams perform significant analysis, design, coding and testing?

72. An agile team is planning the tools they will use for the project. They are debating how they should show what work is in progress. Of the following options, which tool are they most likely to select?

73. What considerations should be given when applying organizational change management? (Select two.)

74. As an agile coach , you have been asked to explain to the business what the project team has accomplished during Iteration 0. Which of the following tools would you use for this presentation?

75. Your team has decided they need an Iteration 0 before starting the development work. Why?

76. You are a team leader and your team is working on an agile software development project. You are not able to find the reason for the continuously degrading performance of the Kanban team. You are concerned as it may also delay the project release plan. What would the experienced agile practitioner suggest in this situation?

77. An agile team is looking for ways to demonstrate an early version of a product for the purpose of gathering feedback from the stakeholders and a better understanding of the requirements. What is the best course of action for the team to accomplish this task?

78. Your lead engineer just came down with the Covid 19 in the middle of a sprint. As team coach, what should you do?

79. The product owner has told the team how much work will need to be completed in the next iteration. In this scenario:

80. A project manager has been reassigned to another project after her previous project evolved to ongoing operations. What type of project ending did she experience?

81. Two stakeholders disagree on important product requirements. How should the product owner handle this situation?

82. Florian is a project manager for an IT company .  As a result of a recent regulatory change, he works with the team to refine the backlog. Backlog refinement can best be described as:

83. When following the appropriate sequence for feature development the ....... , .........features should be developed first.

84. Agile team members who have worked together on a few projects in the past are working on a new project. They are using story points for the estimation of the level of effort needed to complete the user stories on the new project. Which of the following is the most likely approach the team should use to estimate the first use story?

85. A product quality technique that clarifies and simplifies the design of an existing program’s source code to improve the internal structure without altering its external behavior is referred to as -

86. A new program manager has been appointed for the ongoing agile project. He has used traditional project management practices for tracking the actual project performance against the planned baselines, and so requests for regular updates on the overall progress of a high priority agile project. The program manager can neither spend more than five minutes on the updates of the project nor able to micromanage the team’s work. Which of the following is the most appropriate response to the request of the program manager, assuming that the project is using weekly sprints?

87. Who is chartered with the authority to approve or deny change requests as defined by the organization?

88. A project manager is managing a project . Using an adaptive approach to managing the schedule, the project manager works with the team to update and prepare stories for the upcoming iteration, accounting for any recent changes that may have occurred. This is an example of:

89. During discussion about possible solutions of a problem. Couple of team members had different opinions about the solutions. After few rounds of discussion, they agreed to reach the conclusion. What is this known as in Agile?

90. Your project is changing frequently, and you are concerned that you are not delivering business value as effectively as possible. How do you make sure that your team is delivering value and increasing that value throughout the project?

91. Mido is a project manager for a software company. One of his projects involves the development of a health app. Most recently, he completed a review of the project’s prioritized backlog with the project team to prepare for the upcoming iteration. he learns that a new regulation passed by the government may impact several features of this app. What is he likely to do

92. When joining a new organization, what must a new project manager do to be effective?

93. You are a project manager and are meeting with your team. The goal of this meeting is to determine which compliance processes you should use to effectively manage the project. Which of the following describes what you’re doing?

94. Which environmental factor should you pay close attention to when carrying out the Identify Stakeholders process?

95. In a sprint planning meeting, who is responsible for selecting the number of items for the sprint from the product Backlog?

96. A project manager is in the process of measuring the extent to which the project is compliant with regulatory standards by conducting an audit. What activity are they performing?

97. You are working as a new agile practitioner, and at a planning event where the relative development effort of user stories of a large product backlog is to be estimated. The planning event is mostly conducted in silence and the team is to assign user stories to various t-shirt sizes (small, medium, large, extra-large). The planning event is efficient and the user stories are estimated quickly. What type of planning event are you most likely attending?

98. As per agile meetings. What is the primary reason for conducting a daily stand-up meeting?

99. You are working in development project as an agile leader, what would be your highest priority?

100. What is a positive indicator that agile may be appropriate to an organization as a new project methodology?

101. You are an agile coach and have been asked to work on a new software development project. You explain the benefits of using agile best practices on the project to the product owner. You tell him some of the agile practices such as timeboxing that helps to mitigate the effects of Parkinson’s Law. Choose the option that describes the Parkinson’s Law.

102. A vendor company has decided to sign a contract with a customer for an agile project. Which of the following is a recommended practice for the vendor company?

103. Teams gain the most benefits from using an agile approach in:

104. As part of project integration management activities, a project manager reports on value achieved to date against the plan. What does the project manager hope to accomplish by carrying out this activity?

105. You are a project manager working on contract. As your project comes to a close, your contract completes, and you find yourself out of work. What type of organizational structure did you work in?

106. Your company is creating a PMO. After lengthy discussions, they decide to focus on a PMO model that will drive compliance against a set of project management standards. What type of PMO are they implementing?

107. A project manager is managing a project that contains a high degree of ambiguity. The project team is expected to adapt to changes as the scope of work becomes clearer over time. To better set expectations with the team, what is the project manager likely to communicate regarding the use of an iterative approach to managing the project life cycle?

108. Which of the following is a valid tool or technique that aids the project manager, or other assigned organizational resource, in developing the project charter?

109. A product owner is on vacation. A decision must be made on the project change. what should the team reference to determine next steps ?

110. You inform the project sponsor that the project management plan will continuously increase in the level of detail as the project moves forward. In the project management, what is this process known as ?

111. Match the term with its description.

112. Which of the following describes the most common phase-to-phase relationship in multi-phase projects?

113. You inform the project sponsor that the project management plan will continuously increase in the level of detail as the project moves forward. In project management, what is this process known as?

114. The organization is exploring a new project where there are many unknowns and most of the work to be done is designing software to build the best solution in collaboration with the customer. Which project management approach is best suited for this project?

115. You are a project manager and are meeting with your team. The goal of this meeting is to determine which compliance processes you should use to effectively manage the project. Which of the following describes what you’re doing?

116. You are a project coordinator and work in an organization that is considered to be a weak-matrix organizational type. What is a disadvantage of working in this type of organization?

117. The business determines that the project you are managing must be based on a plan driven project management approach. This is partially due to the SMART objectives the steering committee has set for the project. In the acronym SMART what does the A stand for?

118. Given the scenario, what would be a good technology for enhancing team member interactions and building relationships throughout the life of the project?

119. Which of the following best represents the definition of governance?

120. Lessons learned in scrum

121. Which of the following is neither an input nor an output of the Direct and Manage Project Work process?

122. A project can be authorized by any of the following except:

123. A project charter that formally authorized a project was created. The project charter documented the initial requirements to satisfy stakeholders' needs and expectations. How often should the project charter be revised

124. Match the Agile project charter component to the question it addresses:

125. A project manager is spending most of the project funding in the current phase of the project. The manager is also managing various resources in the project. What is the stakeholder influence on the project now compared to earlier phases?

126. Your project sponsor approaches you with a small bonus check for your excellent work keeping costs in line with the budget. You think the amount of the bonus check is fair and deserved. Which of the following statements are true? (Select two.)

127. Which of the following communication methods is used when you notify the public about environmental effects from your project after implementation by posting reports on the project's website?

128. Which of the following best describes the servant leadership approach used in Agile projects?

129. Sela is a project manager of housing compound consist of 300 villas , Six months into the project, she kicks off the second phase of a project that is construct 100 Villas. As part of her practice,she sits down with her sponsor to determine whether there are any new players that they missed in the first phase, and they hold a discussion on the direction of influence of these new stakeholders. What activity is Sela carrying out?

130. Aseel is managing a IT project. The project has many stakeholders having a negative attitude toward the project. Aseel knows she can’t keep everybody happy but still can try her best to manage them. Which of the following can help her to manage these negative stakeholders better?

131. What is the difference between the stakeholder register and the stakeholder engagement plan?

132. You are working as project manager. The project sponsor asks you for monthly status updates by email and quarterly project status meetings to review the project’s progress. These requirements are documented in the:

133. Aseel works for STC critical projects. As a project manager, she is responsible for all communication needs in her data center project, which has started recently. This project involves many stakeholders, customers, external vendors, and team members. Since conflicts are inevitable in such a massive project, she has decided to provide her project team the details of the issue escalation process, including the names of the chain of command to refer issues to that cannot be resolved at a lower level. Where must Aseel document the escalation process?

134. A large network hardware upgrade project was scheduled to take place over a weekend. During the course of the implementation, several previously unidentified dependencies on additional materials were discovered. The project manager gave approval for the tech staff doing the implementation to procure with corporate credit cards several hundred dollars’ worth of additional equipment required to complete the implementation. However, these additional expenses caused the project to exceed its budget. How should the project manager handle this?

135. As a project manager ,you are beginning a series of overview sessions with key users to determine requirements for a new enterprise resource software implementation. One of your stakeholders is exceptionally contentious and throws obstacles up at every turn. One of the problems he has described does seem to be legitimate. There is an issue with the data from the legacy system that needs to be resolved before moving forward. Which of the following statements is not true regarding this situation?

136. You are a project manager working on contract. The organization that’s contracted with your company is not happy with the progress of the project to date. They claim that an important deliverable was overlooked and that you should halt the project and reassess how to meet this deliverable. You know that the customer has approved all phases of the project to date. Which of the following statements is true?

137. Adam is managing a medical project. He is using his communication, interpersonal and management skills to keep the key project stakeholders engaged with the project. Which of the following activities is not related to the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process?

138. As a project Manage you’re working on an internal service project and are in the Executing process group. You negotiate with a functional manager to obtain resources for specific activities on the project that your team is not able to fulfill. These resources will roll off the project as soon as the activities are completed. Which of the following does this scenario describe?

139. Sela is a project manager , she sits down with her sponsor to evaluate how the project is performing. She reviews feedback from the most recent prototype, which the team has produced successively to yield additional insight.Sela notes to the sponsor that the use of timeboxing has been helpful in reducing the uncertainty in the project. What type of life cycle is Sela using?

140. Aseel has recently taken over a project as the project manager. The project is early in the executing phase. Although all the key stakeholders signed off on the project scope statement, Aseel learns that some of the key stakeholders do not fully understand the project scope. The stakeholders’ constant support is crucial for the success of the project. What must Aseel do?

141. Knowledge that is difficult to express is called what?

142. As a project manager and during conflict management meeting . You allow everyone to express their viewpoint, and as a result, some team members gain an understanding of the perspective of some of their teammates that they didn’t have before this meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, consensus is reached, and the team members thank you for taking the time to get them together and asking them to discuss this issue. Which of the following conflict-resolution techniques does this describe?

143. Which of the following are underlying success factors for forming Agile teams? (Select three.)

144. Which of the following is the process of communicating and working with stakeholders to meet their needs and expectations, address issues as they occur, and foster appropriate stakeholder involvement?

145. Which conflict-resolution technique does not result in a permanent resolution?

146. You are in the process of facilitating a change control meeting. You review a change request that would double the scope of the project but would not yield a major increase in the project’s resulting benefits. You know that the submitter of the change request has a tendency to bloat a project’s scope without fully thinking through the impact, but as a result of their position in the company, their changes tend to be approved. What type of power does the submitter of the change request typically use?

147. Which of the following stakeholder analysis techniques is recommended when you need to analyze project stakeholders based on their power, urgency, and legitimacy?

148. You are very interested in becoming a project manager. You have mentored with other experienced project managers in your organization to learn more about how to be an effective project manager. You’ve been told your organizational skills and communication skills are excellent. However, you need some additional training in accounting and budgeting skills, because you are weak in these general management areas. The mentor who was honest enough to tell you this explained it which of the following ways?

149. A project manager following an Agile life cycle receives a request from the customer to alter a requirement. How will the project manager likely respond?

150. You have recently been assigned to software project. Although there is a limited number of key stakeholders, there is a big number of other stakeholders involved in this project, especially the ones who will be using the software’s outcome. You have some specific questions. Which of the following is the best way to quickly obtain responses from a big group of stakeholders?

151. You’ve just accepted a new project management assignment. The project is for a customer in a foreign country. You’ve requested a business analyst and two other project team members from the country the customer resides in to participate on your team. The remaining team members are from your country. You know that the best way to ensure that the project team doesn’t get bogged down in cultural differences and hold up project progress is to do which of the following?

152. There is a heavy demand for new houses in your city's expensive neighborhood. RECON, a construction company, has employed you as a project manager to assess the Alexefit of building new energy-efficient houses in that neighborhood, even though it takes more expensive technology to build such houses. You have started gathering data to perform a detailed payback analysis to submit a report to your management. Since the full financial impact of building energy-efficient houses is difficult to estimate, you would like to prepare a rough cost- Alexefit analysis and include it with the report. Which of the following describes the effort you are undertaking in this scenario?

153. As project manager, you scheduled a status update meeting. During the meeting, a problem developed, and the group discussed it. The day after the meeting, Kevin approached you and expressed his concern that the problem was not truly resolved. After thinking about it, he felt that his concerns were still valid and should be addressed. What conflict resolution method was likely used at the status meeting?

154. The morale of the team members of a project is very low. The team members feel they were not given opportunities to participate in the organizational team development activities due to over-allocation to project tasks, and so, they missed opportunities to develop. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this situation?

155. You are working as project Manager for pumping station project and your project team members have just started to work together and are now adjusting their work habits and behaviors to support each other. Which stage of the Tuckman ladder has your team just entered?

156. Which of the following tools helps in determining the gaps between the current and desired stakeholder engagement levels?

157. A project manager presents a summary of project team roles and responsibilities, training needs, and recognition and rewards to the project sponsor for approval. In what activity are they engaged?

158. Lucy is a project manager of Construction project . As part of her latest project, she struggles to rein in the team, who seem to be at each other’s throats. She knows everyone has good intentions, but they are not yet open and trusting with each other. What phase of the team development model is the team currently in?

159. You are the project manager for a large project. The initial project schedule shows the project takes approximately three years to complete. Some of the stakeholders have changed over the course of this project, and new stakeholders will become involved toward the end of the project. The project team members have also changed as the project has evolved into a new set of deliverables. You are having a difficult time motivating the new team members. The techniques you used with the previous team don’t seem to be working with this team. More resources will be brought on and off the project team at various stages throughout the life cycle, so you’d like to resolve this problem soon. You know from studying the Project Resource Management Knowledge Area that you should do which of the following?

160. Mido is the project manager. He prepares for a meeting with the project’s sponsor to discuss how to approach the project. During the meeting, he tells the project sponsor that he would like to promote self-awareness, listening, and coaching versus controlling. Mido is promoting characteristics of what?

161. Adam is currently managing IT project. He has recently identified and analyzed his key project stakeholders. He is now searching his organizational process assets for a template with which he can update the results of this analysis along with the planned strategies required to engage the stakeholders effectively. Which of the following should he search for?

162. Your virtual project team consists of 10 people in the same building you’re located in plus 5 people from the West Coast office, 3 people from the Kansas City office, and 6 people from the London office. Your office works different hours from all the other offices.Additionally, not all of the resources in your building are available at the same times during the day. Three of those 12 team members work swing shift hours. Which of the following should you use to capture the availability information for these resources and potential future resources, as well as their capabilities and skills?

163. Which of the following best describes the performing stage of the team development model, developed by Tuckman?

164. Lucy is a junior project manager and her first project is plagued with issues, mostly caused by team member conflicts. Her Manager attempts to reassure Lucy. What fact is she likely to share with Lucy ?

165. Mido is the project manager for a process improvement project. Mido is a recently hired Six Sigma expert. Loay is the process owner of the process Mido must optimize. During the project kick-start meeting with the project sponsor, Loay said he supports all continuous improvement efforts. However, Mido is unaware of the Six Sigma technique and feels threatened by the newly hired expert, and as a result, is blocking Mido’s ideas. What is Loay’s current engagement level with the project?

166. You are working on an information technology project as a project manager to develop a shopping website for your customers. Some key stakeholders in the project suggested scope changes to improve the website’s look and feel. Your team has analyzed the impact of these changes and presented the analysis to the Change Control Board (CCB) for approval. What should be your next step if the CCB accepts all proposed changes?

167. During the Control Scope process, analysis of the scope performance resulted in a change request to the scope baseline. This change request will be processed for review and disposition in the:

168. How can changes be made to a project management plan once the project manager baselines it?

169. You are working with your stakeholders and performing activities associated with the Executing process group. You are dealing with some issues involving the project objectives and are working to maintain consensus among the five stakeholders participating in this project. You have used both influencing and negotiating skills and have finally come to consensus on the issue at hand. Which of the following options best describes the contents of this question?

170. A project manager is planning the kickoff meeting for a project that will have team members dispersed across nine countries. What can the project manager do to support an environment where diverse perspectives and views are encouraged and valued?

171. You have accepted a position in a new company and have spent the first 30 days observing your team. Your findings, unfortunately, are not encouraging. The team exhibits a lack of motivation, poor communication among team members, a lack of respect for you and your position, and project work results that are less than satisfactory. For a fleeting moment, you think about leaving but realize that’s not in keeping with the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. You know all of the following are true, given the circumstances, except for which one?

172. All of the following are common roles used in Agile projects except for which one?

173. You are working in critical project as Project Manager and you are just about to present your project’s status to your company’s executive team. Just as you are leaving your desk for the meeting, one of your resources hands you an updated report on the progress of a critical deliverable. As you are walking to the conference room, you review the report and notice there is an error in it. What do you do?

174. You are project manager and during a project status meeting, you presented sensitive information related to the project. However, this information was not intended to be available to the audience. Which of the following processes was done incorrectly, resulting in the project manager communicating sensitive information to the wrong audience?

175. You have considering various classification methods to share information among project stakeholders. Which of the following correctly classifies the different methods used?

176. Aseel is a project manager who manages a big project. She has stakeholders located in various parts of the globe. Due to the nature of the project, she also has large volumes of information she needs to share with the recipients. What type of communication method should she prefer for this purpose?

177. At minimum, measuring stakeholder satisfaction typically occurs at what point of the project life cycle?

178. You are working on an exciting project for a midsize company that provides pet-sitting services in people’s homes. The employee who is the designated project manager on this project doesn’t have much experience running projects. He insists that all the stakeholders have been identified and that he alone understands their expectations so there is no need for you to meet with them. As a more experienced project manager, you know which of the following is true?

179. A project manager has a reputation for leading project teams by focusing on developing team member skills, coaching them, and empowering them. What are these a characteristic of?

180. A good project manager knows the value of effective stakeholder management. What is the ultimate goal of effective stakeholder management?