Sample Q2 2023

Question 1

A new regulation has mandated both the date of packaging and the date of expiry on a label. However, the company’s current packaging design is too small to fit the information. The regulatory agencies do not provide a solution, so the agile team proposes a solution to display the information on a secondary flap within the product packaging. The start of full-scale production of the product package is a critical milestone and is due to start in 2 weeks. What should the agile team do next?

Question 2

You are the Scrum Master for an agile-managed project. During a sprint review meeting, you find out that there has been a major error in the coding process for a feature that has created a bug in the system. You reach out to the development team to find the root cause & plan resolution. What should be your best approach as a servant leader here?

Question 3
Jake is a project manager for a software application development project which is getting executed in an agile environment. Over the last few weeks, his team members have approached Jake a number of times, voicing concerns regarding the amount of documentation that they need to perform as a part of the project. This has been a client requirement since the beginning, but it is consuming a lot of productive time of your team members. What is the best course of action for you as a servant leader here?

Question 4
You are a PM for a Telecommunication company and you have recently completed an application development for a client. But the client is still calling you/your team members to solve technical issues, troubleshooting and requests are still coming for small changes/upgrades. What should you do to ensure that this application project now has ongoing operational support to handle day-to-day maintenance?

Question 5

Mike is in the schedule management planning phase of his project where he wants to open his own bakery shop. He is very keen on doing the inauguration on 25-December-2021, on the day of Christmas. For that, the schedule must be planned very thoroughly. He has a small team with him helping him on the project and Kyle from that team owns the schedule of the project. One morning, Mike asks Kyle, "Hey, can you show me which document we have created for our project where we have established the criteria and the activities for developing, monitoring, and controlling the schedule. I need to know how we have planned that". Which document should Kyle show Mike?

Question 6

You are a project manager for a flow-based agile project which deals with the development of an Android+ i-OS app to order medicines at home for elderly individuals. Which of the following statements is true for a flow-based agile project?

Question 7

In an agile project environment, this person is responsible for guiding the direction of the product. They rank the work based on business value. They work with their team daily to provide product feedback and setting direction on the next piece of functionality to be delivered/developed. They work with stakeholders, customers, and teams to define the product direction. Which agile team role is being talked about here?

Question 8

You are managing an agile-driven project as the scrum master. You have various development teams working across the globe in different time zones. What tailoring recommendations can you adopt for an effective delivery (select ANY THREE)

Question 9

Sensitivity analysis helps to determine which individual project risks or other sources of uncertainty have the most potential impact on project outcomes. What would you call the following diagram often used as a typical display for sensitivity analysis?

Question 10
As the scrum master of an agile team, you see that most of your team members are demotivated. It is requiring a lot of follow-ups and push from your side to get things done. You decide to provide a 10% pay-rise for each team member thinking that this will provide them good motivation to work more proactively in the project. Which of the following motivation models you are using here?

Question 11

RayVac Motors. Inc is planning to develop their first ever electric car. The project needs to be agile-driven since a lot of scope, execution strategy, timelines are undefined. You have been assigned as the project manager for this project. RayVac Motors. Organizational design is set up quite traditionally with teams in functional silos within functional organizations. (Eg. Design Department, Procurement Department, Fabrication Department, Quality Assurance etc.). What should you consider to setup your project team for success?

Question 12

The type and number of project phases in a project life cycle depend upon many variables, primarily among them the delivery cadence and the development approach. In the following diagram (which signifies the stages of a predictive life cycle) identify the phase where:  project deliverables are put into use and transitional activities required for sustainment, benefits realization, and organizational change management are completed. In a ‘hotspot’ type question in your PMP Exam, you will be expected to click on the textbox in the diagram below which has the correct answer.

Question 13
You are a project manager for a project that has team with members from different functions. Two of your team members keep on having conflict between themselves and this is affecting your project delivery. You decide to call both of them in a meeting and discuss openly about the issues and align on what needs to be true for both of them to work seamlessly. You facilitate the discussion as a PM. What type of conflict resolution technique you are using here?

Question 14
You are the project manager of a $50Mn automation project for an FMCG manufacturer and currently developing the project charter. You need to identify the stakeholders and align them now to the project objectives. One of your stakeholders asks you to show him the economic feasibility report of the project which will establish the validity of the benefits incurred from the automation. Which document should you refer to for the same?

Question 15

Sara is a project manager for delivering a project which aims to develop a mathematical model to predict the probability of rainfall in a region. The model will take inputs from ambient parameters such as wind velocity, humidity, % cloud cover, etc. to assign the probability of rainfall. The client, who is the meteorological department of Kent, expects a 95% accuracy with the prediction model. They are not in a hurry to get the project delivered but want that Sara & her team focuses on the learning algorithm of the model to match the 95% prediction accuracy. Which project management methodology is best prescribed for this scenario?

Question 16

You are the project manager for a Hybrid project and to acquire resources for the project you consult the resource management plan. The plan calls for the Scrum Master to be a part of the team during the Agile part of the project (prototyping). However, the only qualified scrum master of the company is already assigned to multiple projects with 100% of his capacity already utilized. The functional manager is not ready to release the Scrum Master for your project and is not willing to do so for the next 3 months. Arrange the choices below in order of ‘best-preferred option’ to ‘least preferred option).  Note: In your PMP Exam, you will be required to drag & drop boxes containing the options below in the same order as asked (best preferred to least preferred).

A. You should go back and re-check the company resource calendar to identify alternative solutions or workaround and come up with a proposal

B. You should start training one of your team members to qualify as a CSM before kicking off the project

C. You should go back to your sponsor and ask for required help to see if she can assign a CSM remotely

D. You take a decision that the project cannot be executed without a CSM and hence shelve the project

Question 17

You are a project manager for a shampoo packing line installation. During the design stage, you have accounted for a 2% loss in final production due to spillage/spoilage/damage of the product. Where should you document this particular assumption?

Question 18

In the project lifecycle, ‘Delivery Cadence’ refers to the timing and frequency of project deliverables. Projects can have a single delivery, multiple deliveries, or periodic deliveries based on tailoring considerations. Match the following project scenarios (A, B, C, D) with their ideal Delivery Cadence. In your PMP Exam you will be expected to drag & drop each of the project scenarios to match their ideal delivery cadence:

Question 19

Mark is a project manager for a building construction project and he is currently in the plan risk response process. He has identified a risk, which is to construct a telecom transmission tower on the roof of the building. The design report of the roof mentions that the roof will not be able to take the load of the tower. The design is already frozen and cannot be changed now. Mark wants to have a discussion with the client and cut this particular scope from the project since this can become a safety issue later. An alternative could be to take up this scope for the next building construction, but this building should not have the tower in the scope. What risk response strategy Mark is using here?

Question 20
The Scrum Master is the team role responsible for ensuring the team lives agile values and principles. What is the primary way that a Scrum Master contributes towards maximizing productivity in the development team?

Question 21
You (as a project manager) are trying to understand and categorize the types of risk that may occur in your project as a part of planning your risk management strategy. How would you best classify this risk: "a key seller going out of business during the project"?

Question 22

Georgina as a product owner experiences that a trend of stories is incomplete, and this becomes apparent at the end of an iteration. Upon investigation, Georgina finds out that several team members worked on these stories and no blockers were reported or identified. How could Georgina resolve this?

Question 23

You are leading a sprint review meeting for an agile project. The morale of your team members is low because the project team has suffered quite a few attritions over the last week. During the meeting, one of your team members addresses the Product Owner in a disrespectful manner. Which of the following actions should you take as the Scrum Master? (Choose TWO)

Question 24

Arrange the personality traits (A B, C, D) of your project team members with their MBTI personality indicator classifications (1, 2, 3, 4) in the table below.

(Note: In your PMP Exam, you will be asked to perform this matching using the drag & drop feature on the exam interface)

Question 25

Kemil is a project manager for a civil construction project that aims at building a hostel block for Clarke's University Trust. The Trust does not have any on-campus hostels as of now and for this reason, students are forced to stay outside the campus at a much higher cost and less convenience. The aim of the Trust is to construct the first hostel building as fast as possible and start providing accommodation. Also, the trust wants the construction of the first building to get done ASAP. After that, the construction of the other building can happen at a reasonably planned rate. Which project management methodology is best prescribed for this scenario?

Question 26
You are a project manager for a dam construction project across the river Medway. The project comes with a lot of uncertainties. The seasonal flow data for the river is not available with the River Works Department. Also, the soil condition testing was done by a reputed firm and as per the report, the dam will require very deep piling work which would be exorbitantly costly. The area also falls under the Forest Conservation Department and you need to procure a lot of approvals from concerned authorities to get you going. Which project management methodology is most suitable here?

Question 27

Rio is a project manager for developing an online recruitment portal for Alexos Inc. The base version of the product is already launched and he is currently developing the scope for a recent upgrade proposal for the portal by one of the key stakeholders. He is in the collect requirement phase of the project and he is using the tool below to visually depict a product scope by showing interactions between business and other systems. What is it called?

Question 28

A project manager is preparing a charter for a project to automate a pick-and-place operation in an assembly line with COBOTs. The sponsor has told the PM that the charter should be aligned with the operations dept. manager who is responsible for the production of that line. The PM approaches the ops manager but he is totally non-cooperative since he believes that this automation will cause layoffs in his department. What should the PM do first?

Question 29

Joe has joined an organization as a project manager. This organization is divided into departments and each department has a functional manager. As a project manager, Joe has to reach out to each functional manager to help allocate resources for a particular project. As a PM, he has very limited authority to choose the resources for a project. Even the members of the project team do not have any accountability or report to Joe directly. Which type of organization Joe is in?

Question 30

Match the name of the following commonly used AGILE approaches (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) with their key characteristics/definitions (A, B ,C, D, E) Note: In your PMP Exam, you will be required to drag & drop boxes containing the options below to match them accordingly.

1. Scrum

2.  XP

3.  DSDM

4.  Kanban

5.  Disciplined Agile


A. It is known for its emphasis on constraint-driven delivery. It fixes cost, quality, and time at the outset and uses the MoSCoW prioritization of scope into musts, shoulds, coulds and won't haves to adjust the project deliverable to meet the stated time constraint.

B. It is a process decision framework that integrates several agile best practices into a comprehensive model. It was designed to offer a balance between popular agile methods deemed to be either too narrow in focus or too prescriptive in detail.

C. It is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing software projects and product or application development. Its focus is on "a flexible, holistic product development strategy where a development team works as a unit to reach a common goal" as opposed to a "traditional, sequential approach"

D. It is a software development method based on frequent cycles to increase responsiveness towards customer’s changing requirements. It advocates frequent "releases" in short development cycles, which is intended to improve productivity and introduce checkpoints where new customer requirements can be adopted. ‘Programming in pairs’ is a key characteristic of this methodology.

E. It has been derived from the lean philosophy of JIT. Unlike most agile approaches, this does not prescribe the use of timeboxed iterations. It allows the continuous flow of work pulled from the changing customer needs thus focusing on continuous delivery.

Question 31

Bradley is the product owner of developing an ERP solution for SynSys. Inc – A technology giant based out of Silicon Valley. The project is currently in the design & development stage. A lot of customer requirements are pouring in and the user-story priorities are changing every week. However, once the features & requirements get finalized & locked, it will be a defined and repeatable rollout process across SynSys offices in California, London, and New Delhi. What is the best project management methodology to apply here?

Question 32

Laura is a project manager for a financial services project, and she is currently leading a $2Mn project of launching a new credit card for the client (NatWest Bank Plc.). She is in the schedule management process and currently defining the activities required to develop the schedule of the project. The project has a big scope that spans across 6 different countries. What is the technique used at this stage for dividing and subdividing the project scope and project deliverables into smaller, more manageable parts?

Question 33
Which of the following attributes are NOT a key attribute for a successful Agile Team:

Question 34

You are in the initiation phase of a project and you are developing an artifact that will be a primary input to your scope management plan. This artifact consists of the high-level project description, assumptions, constraints, and high-level requirements that the project is intended to satisfy. Which project artifact is being referred to here:

Question 35

A construction project is nearing completion and as a PM you are in process of completing all the critical path activities with utmost vigilance. Suddenly, two resources from your team were called back by their functional manager to support another project. This is unacceptable to you and you set up a meeting with the functional manager. However, you get to know that those resources will necessarily be required now to support another project since that comes with legal risk. You go back to your team and after a long discussion, the team proposes to cut some scope in your project for now. This scope can be completed even after project delivery. You agree to this and now chose to communicate the same to the customer. What should be your next best step now to manage the situation?

Question 36

A construction project is ready for closure but a vendor claims that they have not received the payment for a particular delivery yet. You check the invoice and find out that it was approved and sent for payment to the finance dept. You check with the finance dept. and they tell you that the vendor had made some mistake in calculating the tax in the invoice. You want to close the project quickly because your sponsor is pushing you to take up another project soon. What should you do?

Question 37

You as the Scrum Master for an Agile-led project are facing difficulty to make your team members update the lessons learned register. Your team members are definitely busy at this stage of the project. They mention not having enough time as the key reason for not being able to update the lessons learned register. How should you respond?

Question 38

Iterative life cycles improve the product or result through successive prototypes or proofs of concepts. Each new prototype yields new stakeholder insights and team feedback. The team incorporates new information by repeating one or more project activities in the next cycle. Teams may use ________ on a given iteration for a few weeks, gather insights, and then rework the activity based on those insights. Fill in the blanks:

Question 39
Most projects encounter challenges or obstacles at some stage.
The combined attributes of ___A___ and ____B____ in the project team’s approach to a project help the project accommodate impacts and thrive. ___A___ refers to the ability to respond to changing conditions. ___B___ consists of two complementary traits: the ability to absorb impacts and the ability to recover quickly from a setback or failure. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate terms.

Question 40

Tony is a project manager for an R&D project that involves team members of different ethnicity. He is very keen on creating a closely-knit team. The first thing he should do as a part of the team-building activity within the members is to have a:

Question 41

You are the project manager for an IT governance project and you are in the execution phase. Today, a request has come to you from one of your outsourcing vendors that they would like to revise their contract terms. You engaged with your Purchasing Department for the same and both of you now would like to discuss the new terms with the vendor. Which is the most preferred mode of communication here?

Question 42

You are working in a project team where transparency is a major issue. Team members always tend to hide errors for the risk of receiving strong feedback and doing major rework. They also tend to hide their progress because they feel that if they finish a deliverable before time, they would be pushed to complete more deliverables out of their scope. What steps should you take as an effective project manager here? (Select THREE)

Question 43

The Kanban method is a holistic framework for incremental, evolutionary processes and systems change for the organization. The method uses a ‘pull system’ to move the work through the process. Which of the following THREE CHOICES are the defining principles of the Kanban process?

Question 44

You are a project manager involved in the very early stages of a project to help the team define the correct execution strategy. The project aims to build a multistory residential apartment on a plot as per the approved design by the municipality. The goal of the project is to deliver it on timekeeping costs within budget. Also, the expectation from the client is not to deviate at all from the approved design. Which project management methodology is best prescribed for this scenario?

Question 45

You are in the direct & manage project work phase of a civil construction project and one evening you are having a team review w.r.t. the status of the project schedule. You want to help your team to understand what the risks in the schedule are and help them plan mitigation (crashing, fast-tracking accordingly). However, when you started the meeting, the team member who was about to present mentioned that the MS Project license for his system has expired and he cannot open the project schedule. Which project tool/technique should you refer to understand how project management software tools are licensed in your company and how to help your team member by directing him to the right person?

Question 46

In an agile project environment, this person plays the role of a facilitator. They are responsible for capability building, coaching, and breaking barriers for the team in cases of bottlenecking. They have the advantage of experience but the disadvantage of weak relationships in the client organization. So, often they need to work very closely with the product owners. Which agile team role is being talked about here ?

Question 47

Lisa is managing an Agile-based project as the Scrum Master. She is handling a very large project team that is cross-functional and sits across different locations within a single campus. What tailoring recommendations she can adopt for an effective delivery (select all that apply)

Question 48

In this agile methodology, the work is organized into small sprints and leverages the use of Kanban boards to visualize and monitor the work. The stories are placed on the Kanban board and the team manages its work by using work-in-progress limits. Which approach is being talked about here?

Question 49

A project manager is studying the types of leadership as a part of his project onboarding. What is the type of Leadership called that demonstrates a commitment to serve and put other people first; focuses on other people's growth, learning, development, autonomy, and well-being; concentrates on relationships, community, and collaboration?

Question 50

In a civil construction project, the bar bending work is outsourced to a sub-contractor. You as a project manager often face issues with this sub-contractor for late deliveries. When you confront this contractor, he mentions that there is a lot of challenges w.r.t. long-term resources in his organization and hence this is the best he could offer as of now in terms of service level. He is ok to take a hit on his contract terms as a penalty for late deliveries. You align to this since it's too late now to find a qualified new contractor. This negotiation is an example of:

Question 51

Timothy has recently joined as the scrum master for an agile-led project. The organization historically has been doing projects following the predictive model. Timothy is expected to bring the culture shift from predictive methodology to agile methodology within the organization. Servant leadership is one of the critical behaviors Timothy is expected to demonstrate to manage this change seamlessly. SELECT THREE situations from the list below which would result from a lack of servant leadership in an organization

Question 52

Rachel is a project manager leading a data cabling upgrade project for a telecom company. She is developing the project charter and she needs to get approval from the Communications Manager, Finance Controller, and Cyber Security Manager. All 3 of them are key stakeholders in the project. However, each one of them has a different vision regarding the project vision & its end goal. How should Rachel go about getting the approval for all 3 of them for the project charter?

Question 53

Agile project management methodology emphasizes early value creation. However, this accelerated delivery might not suit some organizations due to insufficient organizational structure and the inability to accommodate rapid delivery. If an organization is averse to early value creation, which of the following risks becomes more likely to occur?

Question 54

Andrea is a project manager for an Agile-led project. As a part of the Direct & Manage Project Work process, he is conducting iteration planning meetings every week. Over the meetings, he has observed that the meeting is dominated by the most senior developer who likes to push his decision with the team without leaving the scope for a healthy exchange of ideas. This is causing a bit of unrest and dissatisfaction within the team. Andrea wants to ensure that in the next iteration meeting, all voices are heard. Arrange the choices below Andrea can take in the order of ‘best-preferred option’ to ‘least preferred option).  Note: In your PMP Exam, you will be required to drag & drop boxes containing the options below in the same order as asked (best preferred to least preferred).

A.  Discuss the issue with the senior developer and in the next meeting allocate equal time for each member to pitch their ideas/concerns

B.  Inform the senior developer’s functional manager about this unacceptable behavior and process disciplinary action against him

C.  Before the start of the meeting, align the team on meeting ground rules as defined in the team charter and make the same visual in the meeting room for the next meetings

D.  Invite the sponsor in the next iteration meeting so that the senior developer gets intimidated by the sponsor’s presence and decides to be more thoughtful

Question 55

In a hybrid product design & manufacturing project, the waterfall team (production) enters a quality-check vision system malfunction resulting in high-value losses due to a scrap of products within specifications. When the production team tells the design (agile) team about the problem, it becomes clear that mistranslated product specification sheets created problems for both teams. However, the agile team identified and resolved the problem at their end weeks ago before the malfunction happened on the production floor. What could the agile team have done differently to prevent this loss?

Question 56

Agile teams are mostly cross-functional. Some people in the team have specializations in one domain but rarely contribute beyond that domain. By contrast, another set of people supplement their expertise in one area with supporting but less developed skills in associated areas and good collaboration skills. As per the Agile Practice Guide, what are the two types of team members called (in order as mentioned in the question)?

Question 57

A drug company is developing an inhaler for asthma patients. The product is very critical for patient safety and needs multiple testing phases, conformance checks, and legal approvals. The project calls for an early product delivery and feedback to design in line with all necessary conformance reviews, documentation, and certification. What project management methodology is most suitable here?

Question 58

In the Earned Value Analysis Chart below, which measure among A, B, C or D signifies Cost Variance (CV)? For hotspot type questions in your PMP Exam, you would be expected to click on any one option from A, B, C, or D on the diagram below:

Question 59

You are the Scrum Master for an agile-managed project. During a sprint review meeting, the product development team notifies you that this sprint delivery will be delayed since the product design team has not provided the required inputs till date. You know that there has always been an issue with the design team to delay communications and timely inputs. What is your best step as a servant leader here?

Question 60

You are a project manager for an application development project for Medway Maritime Hospital that will help the management to improve 'patient flow' across departments. 'Patient flow' is a metric that is tracked in the performance improvement board of the hospital and is a measure of how efficiently the hospital systems are working to address patient issues. The management is not very clear on how the application will function, just that its end goal should be to track & improve 'patient flow'. They are also not very clear how the first draft of the application will look like, who will be the end-users, how the application will suggest improvements etc. The management is also in no hurry to close the project early. The focus here is more on customer value creation, problem-solving & user acceptance. Which project management methodology is best prescribed for this scenario?