Random CAPM 60

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Question 1


Joe has been assigned to a project developing a new automobile design. Joes past performance reviews indicate frequent design flaws in his work. Peter is the project manager and Samantha is the lead designer on this project.

In the above sample scenario, what actions should Peter and/or Samantha take ensure that Joes work is satisfactory?

Question 2

Your project is behind schedule due to conflict between team members. Having resolved the conflict, to get the project back on schedule, you should consider:

Question 3

To effectively manage communications within the project team, the project manager should:

Question 4

Communication is the prime responsibility of a project:

Question 5


Sally Woo is the project manager of a fixed price project  nearing completion. The project has been less profitable than  planned, but has not lost money. Team members worked 10- 20 hours of compensated overtime per week during the past month to complete the effort.

In the above sample scenario, what is an appropriate project close-down activity?

Question 6

What is an example of a product with high quality but low grade?

Question 7


Judy is remodeling her kitchen. When her cabinets are completed the counter tops can be installed.

In the sample scenario above, what type of dependency exists  between cabinet completion and counter top installation?

Question 8

Constructive team roles include:

Question 9

Estimators for a project report that the most optimistic time they feel that a task can be completed is five days, the longest that they feel the task will take is fifteen days, the most likely time the task will take is ten days, the average time for completing the task, based on past experience is eight days. Using the PERT concept, calculate the expected duration of the task.

Question 10

The project manager is critical to project communication because:

Question 11

The cost performance index (CPI) in earned value reporting is:

Question 12


Company XYZ has a fixed price contract to produce 10,000 widgets for a price of $100,000. An invoice will not be generated until all widgets are completed. The budgeted cost of manufacturing the widgets is $9 per widget. All widgets were to be completed by today. Unfortunately, the project is behind schedule, and only 9,000 widgets have been completed. Actual manufacturing costs to date are $90,000. The project manager must report an updated profit loss projection.

In the above scenario, what is the updated profit/loss projection?.Losses are projected as a negative number.

Question 13

In which project phase do you have the GREATEST influence on project risk?

Question 14

Project cost management includes all of the following functions except:

Question 15

Due to cuts in funding, your project has been terminated. The scope verification process:

Question 16

The project managers leadership style should be matched to the corresponding developmental level of the project team and should move through successive steps in the following order:

Question 17

In network diagramming, a loop means

Question 18


A project manager has been assigned a project in progress because the original project manager resigned. In looking at the project plan, it is clear that the implementation currently scheduled for two weeks from today will not be met, as major pieces of the project are still under development. An E-mail received from the client indicates that he is unaware of the pending delay, as he is requesting confirmation of the travel schedules for the users coming in for training on the to be implemented system. The project managers supervisor

In the above sample scenario, what is the FIRST action the project manager should perform?

Question 19

The Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) method of scheduling differs from the Critical Path Method (CPM) because the PERT method:

Question 20

Resource planning must include consideration of the use of:

Question 21

One way that the graphical evaluation and review technique (GERT) differs from the program evaluation and review technique (PERT) is that it:

Question 22

Scenario :

You are managing the development of highly controversial project. Today you called a team meeting and explained the project objectives to the team and several members stood up  and left citing philosophical objections to the project. You  chased them down the hall trying to convinced them to work to the project and explained that you would use the best quality management plan available for this work. One of the team members stopped abruptly and demanded to know what the purpose of such plan would be.

You explained that the objective of any quality management plan is to

Question 23

Of the following conflict management approaches, which is believed to lead to the LEAST enduring positive results?

Question 24

If seven people are intimately involved in the same task and must frequently communicate with each other, how many lines of  communication are there?

Question 25

Collocation can mean:

Question 26

Pareto analysis, cause and effect, and flow charts are all tools used in quality:

Question 27

When a project manager places a purchase order for a piece of equipment, it represents which of the following?

Question 28

If PV (BCWS) = 100, EV (BCWP) = 98, and AC (ACWP) = 104, the project is:

Question 29

Of the following, which is not considered to be an accelerated depreciation method?

Question 30

Which of the following techniques is used to control the project  schedule?

Question 31

Earned value is:

Question 32

What is a category or rank given to entities having the same functional use but different requirements for quality?

Question 33

A Gantt chart is useful in determining:

Question 34

Scope change control MUST be integrated with all of the following control processes EXCEPT:

Question 35

Which of the following statements correctly identifies the relationship between the contracts manager (i.e.,procurement specialist) and the project manager?

Question 36

In what way does free float (FF) differ from total float (TF)?

Question 37

Risk response development is intended to:

Question 38

The major processes of project communications management are:

Question 39

An order of magnitude estimate should give the manager an approximate accuracy of:

Question 40

A KEY activity for achieving customer satisfaction is to define:

Question 41

The measure used to forecast project cost at completion is:

Question 42

The three principle interests in maintaining good document control are:

Question 43

Examples of team building activities include:

Question 44

You are the project manager and responsible for quality audit. You have been accused for being a fanatic because of your practice of conducting not one, but multiple, quality audit on a project. Which one of the following types of audits is not an example of a quality audit?

Question 45


A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge defines a risk symptom as an indirect manifestation of an actual risk event.

Using the sample definition above, which of the following conditions are risk symptoms

Question 46

Most project managers spend about _________ of their work time engaged is some form of communications.

Question 47

In a schedule, which of the following is not an allowed logical dependency?

Question 48


The East Coast division invests $50,000 in a project that generates a return of $56,000 in a year. They could have invested in another project which would have generated a return of  $60,000.

By investing in the first project they have effectively lost $4,000. This is considered -

Question 49

Parametric cost estimating involves:

Question 50

A project loses a contractor in the middle of a project. A new project team is formed to replace the role of the lost contractor and his/her  team. As a project manager, what is the FIRST topic to address to the team in the kick-off meeting?

Question 51

When it appears that a design error will interfere with meeting  technical performance objectives, the PREFERRED response is to:

Question 52

Which of the following activities is usually NOT an appropriate strategy for staffing a project?

Question 53

A process is a series of actions to bring about a result. In a project, the five basic process groups (PG) are:

Question 54

A communication plan:

Question 55

Scenario :

Sam is going to start a report writing task on Monday and finish the task the following Friday. Sam will work on the report for two hours each day.

In the sample above, what Is the duration of this task?

Question 56

Risk quantification includes:

Question 57


A specifications document was sent to the client representative two weeks ago for review and approval. The planned due date for approval or request for revisions was yesterday, and no comments or approvals were received from the client. The client representative is aware of the due date, as he approved the project plan.

In the sample scenario above, what client management strategy should the project manager use?

Question 58

Analogous estimating is also called:

Question 59

Configuration management is a technique for:

Question 60


The Great Sound company uses a project development strategy of concurrent engineering. Susan Johnson is managing a project to develop a new small CD ROM player designed for joggers. Susan has noted that previous projects have experienced delays in getting products out of the design phase into production because the engineers and the marketing department keep changing/improving the design.

In the above sample scenario, what strategy should Susan use to keep the project on schedule?